Can You See the Real Me?

Look at me without any memory of who I am, without any history to guide you. Try to look at me as though for the first time, like we’ve never met, while at the same time looking at me as a long-lost friend. Look at me like we’ve known each other for many millions of years, but we haven’t seen each other in nearly that long. Let me come into focus without any thoughts of history or future, but just in this moment.

God had a thought, and it is You.

God has a thought and it is Me. God can only count to One. God had One Child, and it is Us. God remembers You. God wants You to remember Me. Through Your remembrance will we uncover our True Oneness. With my recollection of You, I will find my way Home. Nothing You can do can change that thought. God’s power is unquestionable. God’s thoughts are unchangeable. You are not stronger than God, and Your will is God’s will. Align your mind with God’s mind, because Your mind is God’s mind. God offered You Its thought; an abstract valuing, pure like clean air in fall, when the pollen has been frozen out, and the sunlight is still warm. Vast and warm, like a gentle kiss on your forehead, a gift, freely given without expectation, without condition, everlasting and unchangeable. A kiss from God that envelopes your entire being, like hugging you from within rather than from without.

There is nothing you can say or do that will change how I feel about you. My love for you is unconditional. There is nothing you can do that can change that. You have tried in many lifetimes, in countless ways, with very clever attempts to disguise yourself and to try to make it difficult for me to love you. But I have seen through your insanity, and have been to the depths of hell to recover our love so that together we can enter our Home, and be with God at long last. We thought we were gone for millennia, and yet we had not been gone even an instant.

We have bantered and bashed like only siblings can. We have covered ourselves in disguises and pretended to hate one another and at times we were convincing. We have made up rules to break, pacts to violate, invented technologies to chase each other around worlds, between galaxies, and slipped through dimensions in a silly effort to convince ourselves that we could kill one another, only to find ourselves facing ourselves once again.

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