Let’s Try This Again

I’m going to try to describe the indescribable (my calling is that of a masochist, so I’m par for the course). I’ve tried this before, many times, but I’ve never been able to get it right. There is a reason that God is beyond words or thoughts. God is a feeling, one everything animated or inanimate remembers. Science is so cute, looking for life in the universe that is nothing but life. Where the ego sees death and empty, negative space, God extends life.

Focus. Draw attention to the very thing you value most. Start with an idea of what you want more than anything and let it draw an image in your mind. If it’s a thing – like a car, or money or new kitchen – skip to the next chapter, because this won’t make any sense to you. That isn’t meant to be a slam against your values; it’s just that at some point, taken to its ultimate end, things lose their meaning and their value. What good is all the gold, all the power, all the money if it costs you your soul, right? In actuality, that statement, attributed to Matthew, isn’t accurate either. You can’t lose your soul, it isn’t possible. You cannot lose what God holds in Its mind.

Better yet, how about I get you to think about crystal water, sparkling in a warm, summer sun, blue-gray and deep. The sky is early summer blue, sharp and crisp, like after a thunder storm, and all the trees are green and radiant. Being still, your mind’s eye opens and allows you to see the water, the trees, yourself, everything around you differently than you’ve ever seen them before. The water ripples with a light breeze, and at the same time the water current drifts, and the combination of movements mesmerizes you, and in that instant the true nature of what the world is springs forth.

Maybe your thoughts are different, but the richness of what you desire is what’s important, so if not water, then the walls of a room, or a crowd in an airport, or a shopping mall, or a street with traffic, or maybe a single bicycle silently gliding over a wet street. Let go of what you think you know about what you see with your eyes, or as a picture in your mind. Leave the name of what you’re looking at or thinking of behind and allow the Truth about what you see to surface. Be determined to see the world differently, without history to blemish it. The light you think you see isn’t coming from the sun; it’s coming from within what you’re looking at. The light of the sun isn’t the light, because light cannot be outside. See what you’re looking at as though it is glowing from within.

Value the light, and nothing else. Stay in the moment, without any thoughts of time, future or past. Be still, and watch as the shapes all start to become strings, woven together and flowing like a gentle breeze with a life current that emanates from within. God isn’t solid, like stones or people. God is more like an inward breath with a heavenly scent that carries a memory of what and who you are. Allow your mind to take you back to the beginning, before it solidified, before it became hard, like a rock. Let it become open and gentle. Water that flows is more like God. So is a large group of people, or a flock of birds that flies together, sweeping the sky, or wind through a tree. God cannot, will not, be defined in words, but words can point a direction to Its memory.

God created us as an idea, so that is what we are. We’re an idea. A thought. An extension of Love. We are an enlargement. The world is small, and hard, with thoughts solidified, and to be with God, to think like God, it requires a loosening of our mind. God isn’t serious or humorless, but instead is joyful and loving, but not in the way you might recognize at first. You will, if you’re open to God’s love, which requires nothing on your part. You don’t need a degree, or to study a book, or to have group meetings or to do great studies or look at reports and diagrams. You only need to value the right things. When Jeshua asked if you would prefer to be happy or to be right, he meant that you cannot be both. It is an either/or question. Which do you choose? To be happy requires that you were wrong about what you see. The world you see isn’t real. The real world is a memory. It’s a feeling that makes everything else pale by comparison.

Let go of all that you think you know for just a moment and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you. You need do nothing means you should do nothing, which means you must allow the Holy Spirit to guide everything you do. Start each day and every moment with the same thought: Holy Spirit, show me where I should go in this world, whom should I talk to and tell me what to say when I find them.

Trying to be right, and using the ego to claim what is right, and valuing with the ego will only bring more insanity. It will bring misery and suffering, even though you will believe that it can sometimes bring happiness. If money can’t buy happiness, hand over yours and see me smile, right? Except it’s not true and certainly not the Truth. The Truth, God’s Truth, is a gift freely given without attachments or expectations. God isn’t comparing you and me to see who is better. God has already judged you perfect, and in God’s image, just exactly the way you were created, and nothing you have done since then has changed God’s mind in the least (same as me or anyone you encounter).

When you look at the world around you, see it with the mind’s eye and don’t trust the ego’s eyes, or the body’s eyes. The body will show you other bodies, and a massive number of things. Various shapes and sizes, colors and negative spaces. The mind’s eye looks beyond all that to see the essence of God in everything. And with that vision comes the realization that everything is in the mind of God.

We have been lost in thought. Our thinking and our values have kept us here, bickering over small morsels of food, a few square miles of land, a pile of money, a new car, a house, pretty people, and on and on, when God has offered us so much more. God has offered us each other, but not in the way that enslaves us, instead in the way that frees us. You’ll hear so many people say that freedom isn’t free, that we must fight for our freedom. But this is a complete fallacy. God would never give something to one and keep it from another. God gives you your freedom, and what we’ve done with it so far is use it to enslave and shame each other.

Look beyond the hatred, fear and anger, just for a moment. A Holy Instant is all that is required to see the world as it truly is. If you give God one moment of your time, It will take the final step and flood You with Love.

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