Past Lives

Our mission is to know that all of our needs are the same. In God, there isn’t anything special about our particular situation. We may think we are special, different, better or worse, but God doesn’t see it what way.

Our mission is to see with Christ Vision.

To experience Joy as the drama of human ‘life’ unfolds, knowing that we are in this ‘world’, but not part of this ‘world’.

Most human beliefs start from the insane idea that we are a body and our soul is somehow attached to that body, or stuffed into it, or hovering around it. But the Knowledge of God tells us that the opposite is true. Our body is in our mind. Well, not separate minds, plural, but One Mind, all connected. And the mission of this site is to be in this world as a sign post as an extension of Love.

In other words, our mission is to Extend Love.