Everyone Has Past Lives. Here Is One Of Mine.

Many light years from here, and a long time past and mostly forgotten there was a planet not unlike Earth. A fearful people tried to tame their planet and enslave each other and at the same time claimed to have attained freedom. They had prisons, but mostly the people were free. Like here on Earth, people in some areas could come and go as they pleased, offering places for the owners of most of everything to go and plan and live, while other places on the planet were used to support their elaborate plans and lifestyles. While some had several households, all the support people – the background people – lived at the mercy of those who owned everything. And nearly everyone thought their salvation depended on this network of complex relationships.

The people of this faraway planet became very good at justifying their behavior and lifestyles, and so when the planet started to falter, they had great debates about what to do to preserve their planet and save themselves. Some said the signs were that the everyone on the planet would soon die unless substantial changes were made, while others said no, the planet was strong and the people who lived there were not doing anything to harm the planet. Mostly though, the people didn’t take any actions because they thought themselves too small and insignificant to do anything to change an entire planet. And the people who were the great landlords didn’t want any changes that might cause them to lose control of their slaves, so they would have none of the talk about the planet being in peril and declared it unpatriotic to speak of such things.

Salvation Doesn’t Depend On Complexity.

Maybe I thought the same thing. Maybe I believed that my salvation depended on the complex set of circumstances that we had built. I don’t recall if I owned a lot or anything, but I do remember the end. I was born there late in the life cycle of the civilization of that planet and remember the arguments and sarcasm, the fights and wars and the constant justifications for our behavior. And I remember the last days, when the priests told us to repent and that the end was near. Not that that was difficult to predict. As I recall, everything had become chaotic. People went on killing sprees, turbulent weather tore through cities and countries and fearful people wanting more control called for stiffer penalties and harsher, more insane regulations on other people.

None of it worked. We were not willing to set aside our fears and do what was necessary to find peace. And what we didn’t realize was that the planet was only a reflection of what was in our hearts. We thought god was punishing us, but that wasn’t true at all. God wasn’t even paying attention. God didn’t see any of it, because it wasn’t in His nature.

When the planet failed, it happened quickly and violently, or at least it seemed that way to me. Just a few years and then a chain of events occurred and it was over. I remember souls streaming off the planet, like slivers of light pouring out in all directions. Looking back on it, I can still remember thinking how beautiful it was … silver light, like billions of shooting stars cascading like a great waterfall or sparkling fountain and then spreading to the corners of known and unknown universes. The planet is perhaps still there, but the biosphere would no longer sustain human life.

Transitions, Not Ends

The crest came to me when I looked back on the planet and watched all my spirit brothers and sisters spring from the surface in great waves, like silver lines that were light, like a giant fountain. Where we were separate, now we were all one and then separate again. But in that one instant, I had the God-Love feeling wash over me and suddenly realized we were all the same. Not one sliver of light was any different from the next, but not in a military or industrial way. Instead, in a way that shows God’s work in Its purist sense. It was there, for just an instant, or perhaps forever, and then as suddenly as the feeling came over me, I felt the tug of my ego calling me back. The moment I tried to put words to It, It was gone.

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