The Laws of Attraction (Are There More Than One?)

There isn’t any changing this world. I used to think otherwise. I mistakenly believed that through diplomacy, politics and education we could make this world a better place. But as long as there have been people, there has been conflict turned outward, when the real battle is within. All conflict is inner conflict. Feelings of resentment and hatred are about what’s happening in our minds. Like attracts like; and thoughts do not leave the mind that created them. This has been the case in my own experience. The deeper my spiritual work takes me, the clearer these laws become to me.

Early in my spiritual awakening I could not see my own connection to the experiences that seemed to be in the outside world. Things seemed to happen for no cause or reason. And I would have feelings about the events that took place, but I never took responsibility for my part in them. Nor did I realize that the events never really occurred at all.

In one life, when I was hung from my tree house, at the time I believed that it happened. I felt the course fibers of the rope cutting into my neck. I saw the blood shot eyes of my executioners, smelled the rotted, yellow-stained breath and grime-covered, sweaty bodies. I really thought I felt their muscles like petrified wood, their hands calloused, gripping my skin, the sounds of their laughter and even the casual conversations while life drained out of my body. As I struggled for what I thought was my last breath, they debated when to eat and argued about who had drunk the last of the wine they had with them. It seemed real to me, to my body.

Nothing real can be attacked, nothing unreal exists.

But my sprit was unaffected by anything that had happened, and on a deeper level, I now realize that I had taken all of that on myself. I was not a victim of those circumstances, but an active participant. I had thought about and obsessed over the possible outcome for a long while. And everything that happened to me then, as it is now, is what I have set myself up for. Further, I had accused these men of the very thing I thought myself above, never stopping to realize that it could not have happened except for the imagining and valuing that took place in my own mind. The universe is plastic and can be molded because thoughts are things.

When we see the world through the eyes of Christ, we see a different world and a different set of circumstances. The outcome is different. People are different. Their attitudes are different.  That isn’t to say that I could have escaped the landlords of my nightmare. But it is to say that with a different perception, the experience would have been different. And while my body may have died in much the same way, I may have been able to save a lot of suffering by an adjustment in my own perception of the circumstances, and I would have been able to avoid a pattern of playing victim and perpetrator for so many centuries to come.

If you could see yourself the way God sees you and your life experiences, you would not be able to hold a grievance.

And you would realize that the pain and suffering you feel isn’t necessary at all. There is a peaceful path. It’s as easy to find and follow as taking a deep breath, or farting or blinking your eyes.  All it takes is aligning yourself with God’s will for you. In fact, there is only one will.

For so long we have, you and I, been at odds not with each other, but with God. We have been and continue to try to bend Her will to meet our own. Like a leaf trying to control the wind. Like a bubble trying to direct the oceans currents, we struggle with ourselves, and by extension each other, in a vain attempt to bring our insane idea of the way people should interact into fruition, all the while championing ever-escalating banners of hate and hostility.

All this insanity is needless and pointless. We arrogantly believe we can change God’s will to meet our own and then say we are humble. God wants only Love for you. He has never wanted anything but that. And His will, God’s Will, must be realized, and all the hours, days, weeks, years and lives we spend fighting each other and ourselves is just so much wasted time. It’s tragic, it truly is.

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