Darkness All Around Us

I came to Earth in what human history would call the Dark Ages. My memory of the lifetimes before my current incarnation are sketchy at best, which isn’t surprising. It’s hard enough to remember the recent past much less the past several lifetimes.  But my lack of memory of each moment of every life isn’t a great deficit as it turns out. I once thought so. I harbored a fear that the day after my body died, I would find myself on a beach somewhere, perhaps in purgatory, and Jesus, sitting in a lounge chair would look over at me and say, without any sense of irony, “Jeez, what was that all about?” And my inability to remember a significant detail in some life experience that was related in an important way to that final question would cause an afterlife of pain and misery.

Of course I know that’s not at all true now, but that hasn’t always been the case, and it may not be what I believe again at some time in the future, although I’m working diligently to make sure I never forget it. What I know now is that what I’m looking for, what we are all looking for, is not in some detail or in an equation. It’s not even a word or a phrase, or a prayer or book of any kind. I now realize that what we’re looking for cannot be found in any myth, whether it is religious or scientific, because there are no stories of God, or equations in science that will explain God, but only a remembering of the gift that He has given us. And that simply is all that is real. That part of anyone that wasn’t born and has never died. And while we look about us and think about how we got here and why, we fail to realize that we do all that thinking in a borrowed mind.

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